Are you having trouble collecting on unpaid invoices? Our experienced debt recovery lawyer can help. We provide tailored legal support for businesses struggling to get the money they are owed.
A Lawyer serving Clients in Adelaide
A Lawyer serving Clients in Adelaide

Debt Recovery

The Debt Recovery process can be difficult and time consuming, especially when your cash flow is tight. 

Utilising a Debt Recovery Action Plan through a specialist Debt Recovery Lawyer can help you recover monies effectively and legally. 

Don’t let your business be compromised by non payers. Reach out today to book a free 15 minute consultation to assess your debt and develop your Debt Recovery Action Plan. 

MGA believes that preparation is ­ key. With our extensive experience in commercial and business law, we are able to provide expert advice on Debt Recovery and Credit Management


Credit Management

  • Preparing credit applications and director’s guarantees
  • Preparing terms of trade and invoice documentation ensuring enforceability and compliance with legislation
  • Preparing security documents such as mortgages, bills of sale, charges and drafting industry-specific retention of title clauses
  • Irrevocable authorities
  • Personal Property Security Registration


Debt Recovery

  • Cost-efficient debt collection services
  • Enforcement of judgments and securities
  • Preparing plain-English debt agreements
  • Whole ledger collection
  • All aspects of Bankruptcy and Winding Up


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Your Debt Recovery Journey

The normal Debt Recovery journey for a business can be time-consuming.

Utilising a Debt Recovery Lawyer early in the process can reduce the time spent recovering your debt.

Accounts Receivable

• Invoice Issued to Client
• Invoice not paid by Client
• Multiple Statements, Multiple Emails, Multiple Calls
• Client does not respond or pay

Debt Recovery Agency

• Call Client
• Issue more Statements on their letter head
• Client still does not respond

Refer to Debt Recovery Lawyer

• Issue court approved Debt Recovery Demand*
• Negotiate payment if client responds
• Legal Proceeding through fixed fee options
• Judgement and Enforcement

If you are ready to use a debt recovery lawyer, contact us.

* A Debt Recovery Demand

Depending on the type of debt and the person owing you money, depends on the type of Court Approved demand that will be required

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How we do it

1. Gather Your Information

Gather your customer credit applications, quotes, purchase orders, invoices, terms of trade, credit notes and any debt correspondence you have had with the person or company owing you money.

2. Book a 15min Free Consultation

Schedule a free, no-obligation meeting via phone or video conference today with our experienced solicitors.

3. Debt Recovery Action Plan

MGA develop a Debt Recovery Action Plan specifically for you and your debt recovery.

4. Action It!

Once the Action Plan is agreed, MGA action the steps to achieve a postive outcome for your debt recovery.

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