we can help you secure the best possible care and plan for your future.
Despair driver after traffic accident
Despair driver after traffic accident

personal injury legal claim

Personal injuries can turn your life upside down. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can help you secure the best possible care and plan for your future. In an uncertain time, getting legal advice can make a significant difference to the way you cope and the choices you can make about your care.

What is a personal injury legal claim?

In law, the term personal injury usually describes an illness or injury that was caused by someone else. For example, you were injured in a car accident because another car hit yours. Or you were injured when you slipped and fell on a puddle of water at your local shopping centre.

You can make a legal claim with the help of your personal injury lawyer. You can seek money, payment of medical expenses, or other types of compensation.

The cost of personal injuries

A personal injury can cause financial hardship, including decreased income if you’ve stopped work. Medical bills pile up. Perhaps you need to replace your car. You’ve reorganised your life. Maybe also your family’s life. There are other costs you didn’t consider, for example, help with housework and transporting your kids. Even dog walking.

Personal injury compensation claims can help relieve the stress. When handled effectively, your payout takes many of these issues into account.

Taking the first step with a free consultation

Some clients delay seeing a lawyer because they:

  • Struggle to understand how the legal system can help
  • Have heard stories about lawyers who didn’t do a good job
  • Worry about making things worse
  • Are concerned about how much it will cost 

We understand. And we know that the way we conduct ourselves will make a huge difference to you.

Your confidence in our services doesn’t just depend upon how well we know the law (even though we’re expert personal injury lawyers). You’re seeking:

  • Certainty about costs
  • A map for your recovery
  • Great communication
  • And that’s what we aim to provide for every client, including you.


No matter how experienced your personal injury lawyer, if you don’t like them, you’ll find the legal process highly stressful. Getting along with your lawyer is essential to your satisfaction with the legal process. That’s why we want you to work out whether you like us, before you commit.

We offer a first free consultation. Come in and tell us your story. Listen to our assessment of how the law can help you. Then you can decide whether you want to become our client.


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